Hamon Print Top - Photographed by Nicole Brannen on Holly Rose Emery
Lost Heritage, 1971, Rei Hamon (Image via Amazon
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Francis Rei Paul Hamon CBE (17 December 1919 – 16 August 2008) was a New Zealand landscape artist. In 1976 his Original titled "Jewels of Okarito" was presented to Queen Elizabeth II by the New Zealand Government on the occasion of her silver jubilee state visit.
Rei Hamon produced hundreds of works in his pointillism technique. Some are in private archives in the Royal Family of England, international galleries and many are also enjoyed in everyday homes.
Reis and his family have been staunch conservationists of New Zealand's native bush, with his early years as a forest worker seeing him go full circle working toward preservation over destruction.
The work that is represented on the Wixii Hamon tee is from his 1971 piece Lost Heritage. A mix of fantasy and realism in the pointillism style.
Deeply connected to his Māori heritage, Rei Hamon's artwork remains iconic.
‘Lost Heritage’ is one of Rei Hamons most loved artworks. With its hyper-detailed image of our mighty native Kauri and the ‘ghost Kauris’ in the distance, it captures the raw beauty of the forests of Aotearoa.  It evokes original and ancient emotions for anyone who experiences ‘Lost Heritage’ in person.
The piece reflected Hamons passion for protecting our environment. His art was always about bringing public awareness to the destructive nature of forestry industries on our natural heritage and the necessity of preserving and protecting our forests.  He fought tirelessly against the government to sanction areas for our national parks in 1971 and this remains a priority to his whānau and his legacy. 
We do this for our tamariki, for our mokopuna. Protect our Natural Heritage.
Sanctioned by Hamon Art Family Archives, this collaboration with Wixii presents the artwork in a new light, that is a more contemporary style that also retains the integrity of the entire image.