We are Wixii

A family run and independent business based in New Zealand. We offer progressive in-house designed clothing in beautiful natural fabrics, alongside our own hand selected range of curated vintage clothing. Wixii's unique combination of new and vintage pieces, provide diversity and depth for a modern mindful women.

We create small considered collections, with fresh clean lines emphasising the natural beauty of the wearer, while being beautiful to wear. Our affordable price structure is inclusive and achieved by avoiding the traditional retail model. Born from an instinctive love of natural living we are a modern solution to the growing 'fast fashion' problem that requires change.

We partner with small family companies we know and trust to make our fabrics and garments from the ground up. Our natural dyeing and colour palette is developed by season to be unique and our own. Our quality is maintained while caring for people and the environment.

Our philosophy is simple, to stay small enough to sustain care in all we do.

Wixii Ponsonby Store