Mosen x Wixii


The Message - A collaboration between Ash Mosen & Wixii Vintage 


A Message is the ability to convey meaning, yet it exists whether sentience is present or not, in plain sight or hidden under soils like a mycelium undergrowth. This Message though, is one you've felt before, both simple and intensely complex; it is love.

Our collection, The Message, has been created using "flawed" vintage silk garments, lovingly selected by Wixii. Each garment has lived a life of its own before subsequently being discovered as unsellable in its condition.

Each silk piece is tended to by artist and maker Ash Mosen, observing its potential and working around its abilities. We support a "make do and mend" ethos, appreciating slow fashion and considering that every piece is a message in itself. We love to celebrate the quality and strength of silk, made from the lustrous protein fiber of the silkworm. Our Mosen X Wixii pieces are designed to be unusual and thought-provoking. Allowing you to reconsider the lifespan of vintage like the mysterious unlabelled garments still to be found at op shops, whose former lives hold their own secret memories. 


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Sadie’s Collar


An accessory piece which drapes around the shoulders and features dense, layered panels of vintage silk. Heavily smocked together secured with plaited ties. Made using offcuts of other garments in this collection.

“Named after Sadie, one of our Saanen-Nubian goats who we adore and treasure.” -Ash Mosen.


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Defne Bustier


The Defne bustier is made from the silk offcuts other garments in the collection. It features dense, layered panels of silk, heavily smocked together and shaped into a bodice. There are several rouleau loops at each side connected with a long rouleau cord to lace up. 

“Named after a talented, inspiring artist and friend from New York.” - Ash Mosen

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Cynthia Top


The Cynthia top is a draped front design, with thin rouleau style halter neck and straps. It is crafted from flawed vintage shirts.

“Named after someone who hasn’t been born yet.” - Ash Mosen


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Emmanuelle Top


The Emmanuelle silk bra has a draped cross-over front, secured with shell buttons. The back and straps are adjustable for size and length using rouleau style thin bias cut cord.

“Named after an Auckland musician we admire” - Ash Mosen


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Abe Top


The Abe tie front silk top is made using one or more flawed vintage silk shirts or gowns. It features a smocked or gathered hem and is able to be wrapped around or tied from the front.

“Named in memory of Abraham McNeill, a talented and kind soul.” -Ash Mosen


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Photographed by Nicole Brannen

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