Monquie Robinson x LOCKERROOM
Photographed by Elise Gellweiler



Tell us about your craft?

I work predominantly in ceramic, with craftsmanship that also includes sculpture, lighting and creative direction/set design. I studied and obtained an Honours degree of Interior Architecture from the University of New South Wales, which helped in developing an interest in tactility. I am intrigued in experimental/functional design, often drawing upon natural, geographical and art/architectural inspiration to develop and conceptualise bodies of work. A particular focus within the work is the emphasis on hand-made, that of mark-making and impressions, that often signify a moment in time or a piece unique unto itself that can not be remade.



How does nature inspire your work?

Extensively. I feel most myself in nature. I am continuously overwhelmed by the ability of our natural world. Each tree trunk, its bark and pattern idiosyncratic, the reddish colour of a fallen leaf, the rippling translucence of water as it moves over rock, the orange of the sky at sunset, the unique initials of every marking on stone, the green of the grass. Such things have immense impact on my mind and imagination, which ultimately extend into my creative practice.



When do you feel at your creative best?

When I am completely present and allow myself the time and space to experiment with no expectation of outcome.

Three words to describe your personal style?

Earthy, Perpetual & Intuitive



Mon wears

Fira Cashmere Silk Dress | Coral Reef 
Juno Hand Knitted Silk Skirt | Buttercup