Our pure natural fabrics are incredibly breathable, require less washing & have less impact on our precious environment. To preserve the natural quality of your Wixii garment, we recommend a mindful and gentle hand wash. Launder with care & your Wixii pieces will love you for it.


Hand washing is key when it comes to caring for your Wixii garments. To hand wash, simply turn the garment inside out, prepare a bath of cold to lukewarm water (no more than 30 degrees) and using a mild & natural detergent gently move the garment in a circular motion while pressing the soapy water into the fabric. With both hands, carefully squeeze the garment under cold running water to remove any excess detergent (do not wring) 


It is important to support your garment when wet to avoid stretching. Place on a clean dry towel and roll within to remove excess water. Supporting your garment lie flat on a new towel or across a drying rack. These beautiful pieces require less washing, so simply air out your garments in-between washes to freshen & revive. However do make sure you place your garment in a shaded area as excessive UV exposure may cause the garment to fade.

Continued Care

To store your Wixii garments place inside a reusable cotton bag. For protection against moths, add lavender or cedar blocks to your drawers. All knitwear made from natural fibres will pill at some point, this is unavoidable. To remove pilling use a fabric comb. Lay your garment flat and run the comb gently over the affected areas. Wixii garments are flat packed for transit, the first wash may help improve the hand feel of your garment & remove excess fibres that come from the manufacturing process. Our products require a high level of care & consideration, if done so correctly your garment will last you a lifetime. 

Most of all enjoy and be inspired to create your own unique laundry routine.